How To Install A Bathtub Surrounds?

Apr 5th

How to install a bathtub surrounds. When time comes to set the house, updating the bathroom is usually the very first project to tackle. The cockpit area is usually the area that needs major renovation. Installs a tub surround and see how fast your bathroom goes from boring to sophisticate. The cost is usually inaccessible and can be installed in less than one day.

bathtub surrounds vs tile
bathtub surrounds vs tile


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  1. Protects bathtub surrounds with an old blanket. Remove the faucets and drain.
  2. removes loose tiles on the wall, if necessary. Repairs liner plate. The kit around the tub must have a clean flat surface or adhesives will not work.
  3. Make a mold of your tap using the cardboard box surrounding the tub. Place the cardboard against plumbing to position the holes properly. Using the template to measure twice and cut once in the wall surrounding the tub. Use a saw or hole saw to make the cuts.
  4. Check the front and the top edges of the wall surrounding the tub. Check the manufacturer’s instructions. If needed, sand the edge of something to make the wall around it is level.
  5. Put the pieces from the corners. A line of adhesive applied to them, as well as the adhesive comes off with them.
  6. Measures the centerpiece along the bathtub surrounds. Mark the center. Mark the center of the other end of the tub. Make sure the piece fits into your corner pieces properly, and center marks are aligned properly. Apply the adhesive extending an additional line around the soap. Slide the bathtub surrounds in the corner pieces. Start at the bottom and works to ensure all adhesive wall bars.
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7. Install the remaining two sections. Use adhesive and develop it to the top to secure the panels to the wall. Seal all edges with caulk. Let everything dry for at least 24 hours before using. Replace faucets.

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